The family started farming in 1963 and cut their first stick of cane in 1965 when sugar cane was still harvested by hand. Thankfully with the invention of mechanical harvesting machines, the Adairs were able to expand their harvesting operations to other neighbouring growers in addition to their farm.


    Driven by the desire to process their sugar cane from paddock to marketplace and capitalise on the peak growing and harvest seasons, it was only in the last decade that the Adairs began exploring distilling and experimenting with different ingredients and formulas to develop the quality spirits on offer today.

    Our Passion

    With a long and proud farming history in the area, the Greater Whitsunday Distillery also showcases the full range of produce grown in the region. The Greater Whitsunday region has the diversity and vast abundance of locally grown ingredients, and our connection with local farmers ensures we are able to continue distilling year-round. 

    Through our very own end-to-end process from the paddock to bottling, we are passionate about providing products that are natural, clean and a proud representation of the Greater Whitsunday region.

    Our LEGACY

    It is important to us that we leave a family legacy of sustainable and eco-friendly farming and distilling, and to this end, we will continue to look at ways of improving the process so that nothing goes to waste and is beneficial for the environment.


    Besides making spirits, we also love our fishing and bar apparel here at Greater Whitsunday Distillery. Our fishing shirts are rated UVF50 for the highest sun protection and come in a range of sizes to be enjoyed by all ages. Have a look at our sizing chart to match your sizes.